What is Horizon Realty Group?

Horizon Realty Group is a family owned and operated property management company serving Chicago’s northern neighborhoods founded in 1984. Over the past 25 years, we have grown to 23 rental properties and 8 commercial properties.

Our bread and butter is providing great service, quality living and attention to detail to all of our residents. As long-term owners of our buildings, our apartments typically include amenities and finishes that you will not find at any other properties.

Where is Horizon Realty Group located?

While we have many properties throughout Chicago, our main office is located at 1946 W Lawrence Ave in Chicago, IL. We have paid street parking available on Lawrence Ave outside of our office.

I’m interested in a specific property, how can I get in contact with someone?

We have many properties in Chicago and each property has their own property manager. In order to get in touch, feel free to find the correct extension below. Or, if you’d like to contact the main office, please call 773.529.7200.

For 1901 Wilson, 4805 Wolcott, 1938 Lawrence, 4759 Maplewood, 5017 Wolcott

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 134

Email: 1901wilson@horizonrealtygroup.com (1901 Wilson / 4550 Wolcott)

Email: 4805wolcott@horizonrealtygroup.com (4805 Wilson / 1828 Lawrence)

Email: 4810winchester@horizonrealtygroup.com (1938 Lawrence / 4810 Winchester)

Email: 4759maplewood@horizonrealtygroup.com

Email: 5017Wolcott@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 100 Fellows Court, Elmhurst:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 127

Email: Leasing@elmhurstterrace.com

For 525 W Oakdale, 722 W Barry, 3110 N Sheffield, 1914 W Damen:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 130

Email: 525oakdale@horizonrealtygroup.com

Email: 722barry@horizonrealtygroup.com

Email: 3110sheffield@horizonrealtygroup.com

Email: 1914damen@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 901 W Argyle, 6040 N Sheridan:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 126

Email: 901argyle@horizonrealtygroup.com

Email: 6040sheridan@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 4242 N Sheridan and 910 W Dakin contact:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 111

Email: 4242Sheridan@horizonrealtygroup.com

Email: 910dakin@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 4600 N Clarendon contact:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 121

Email: 4600clarendon@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 4607 N Sheridan contact:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 125

Email: 4607sheridan@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 5050 N Sheridan contact:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 133

Email: 5050sheridan@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 5650 N Sheridan contact:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 122

Email: 5650sheridan@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 6119 N Kenmore and 5910 N Sheridan:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 119

Email: 6119kenmore@horizonrealtygroup.com

Email: 5910sheridan@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 6401 N Sheridan, 6725 N Sheridan contact:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 123

Email: 6401sheridan@horizonrealtygroup.com

Email: 6725sheridan@horizonrealtygroup.com

For 1212 S Michigan Ave contact:

Phone: 773.529.7200 ext. 139

Email: 1212michigan@horizonrealtygroup.com

I am a broker, how do I show your apartments to my clients?

To become a cooperating broker with Horizon Realty Group, each broker, or realtor agent, must complete an orientation. This must be done before showing apartments with us. Please contact Jordan Simmons at jsimmons@horizonrealtygroup.com to register for an orientation.

 How do I apply for an apartment?

Horizon Realty Group utilizes RentCafe for all of residents’ needs. To apply for an apartment, please click here and follow the RentCafe steps. If you are having issues applying for an apartment, please contact processing@horizonrealtygroup.com or call our main office at 773.529.7200.

How do I pay my rent?

We use RentCafe for all our residents’ needs. If you are a resident, please register for RentCafe here. You will need a registration code which will be located on your lease. If for some reason you do not have your registration code, please contact your property manager.

I need maintenance help in my apartment, what do I do?

Please register with RentCafe to submit a maintenance request. Once you are signed in, you will see a “submit maintenance request” button. We will get back to you within 24 hours with your request.

How does the application process work?

After viewing an apartment, the broker or property manager you work with will give you all the information you need to turn in your application to our leasing department. The leasing department needs at least 3 days to process your application. You will receive an email upon approval that you have been approved. After, your property manager will send you an email at least 30 days before your move-in date to welcome you into the property and to schedule a move-in time. If you did not receive your welcome email, please contact marketing@horizonrealtygroup.com.

Can I afford an apartment?

While we will not know if you can be approved for an apartment until we process your application, we warn applicants that they must verify income of at least 3 times the amount of the apartment rent. For example, if you are applying for an apartment for $1,000/month, you must make at least $3,000/month to be approved. Horizon Realty Group will also run a credit report. If you are not approved, you can use a co-signer.

How to I start my ComEd / People’s Gas service?

Please refer to your welcome email sent to you by your property manager. If you still need some more help, please refer to the numbers below.

ComEd: 1-800-Edison-1 (1-800-334-7661)

People’s Gas: 866-556-6001