Hi winter. Bye cold.

Ugh. Winter is finally here. Here are a few apartment warming tips. I did not include booze…but that helps too.


1. Fake it.
Some of our apartments have fireplaces, but if you live in a building without a fireplace, you can still have the cozy glow. YouTube has a bunch of fireplace videos with crackling sounds and all. Cozy up on the couch under a warm blanket and a good book.

2. Stop the drafts
Drafty doors and windows rob you of warmth and money on your energy bills. Etsy has some affordable customizable options. Check them out here. Or just roll up a towel or blanket to put by the door.

3. Blackout curtains
Blackout curtains help keep the heat inside in the winter and the heat from coming in during the summer. They come in a array of colors, are affordable and they let keep the light out so you can sleep in on the weekends. Check out for some affordable options.

4. Reverse your ceiling fans
Use the switch on your ceiling fan to switch the direction so the blades go counter clockwise. Heat rises and this will draw it back down where you can use it the most.

5. Aluminum foil behind your radiators
You can use your kitchen aluminum foil or get heavier foil from a hardware store. Placing a layer along the wall behind your radiator bounces the heat back and keeps it from being absorbed into the wall.

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