Buena Park / Uptown

Neighborhood Details

Living in Uptown means you live among historic mansions and beautiful tree-lined streets.  A classic Chicago neighborhood, Uptown is known for being the infamous stomping grounds of Al Capone, and the pinnacle of nightlife during the Jazz age. 

Nestled next to Lake Michigan, the residents of Uptown and Buena Park have access to Margate Park, Montrose Harbor, the Green Mill, and the Riviera Theatre.  Easily accessible to the lakefront path, Sheridan and Broadway buses, and the Red Line “El”, there are easy and direct routes to Downtown Chicago.

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Montrose Beach
Montrose Harbor
Aragon Ballroom
The Riviera Theatre
The Green Mill
Margate Park
Nearby Transportation
Red Line “L” Stations
CTA Bus #151 Sheridan
CTA Bus #146 Inner Drive Express
CTA Bus #36 Broadway 
CTA Bus #78 Montrose
CTA Bus #81 Lawrence