Resident Center

Move-in Information


Contact your property manager to arrange a time to move in.

When you arrive, please visit the front desk to obtain your keys and additional information.

All residents must move in and out through the rear of the building.
Any residents moving through the front of the building can be fined
up to $100 and held responsible for any damage done to the

Clogged Drains

Please do not use any type of acid liquid such as Liquid Plumber to
unclog drains. This acid can eat through pipes. Should you have a
clogged drain please request maintenance service.

Trash Removal

All trash must be sealed and placed in the proper receptacle. Under
no circumstances should trash be left on porches or in hallways.
Violators will be fined up to $100 per occurrence.

Smoke Alarms

A working smoke alarm and first battery will be provided in every
apartment by Horizon Realty Group. It is the resident’s responsibility
to check the smoke alarm each month and change the batteries as

Light Bulbs

Horizon Realty Group will supply all light fixtures in the apartment
with working light bulbs. It is the responsibility of the resident to
change the light bulbs as needed and at move out time all light
fixtures should have working light bulbs or the resident may be
charged for replacement of them.


Upon move out the resident should lower the refrigerator temperature
to 1 or 2 on the cooling dial (located inside the refrigerator). Never
leave the refrigerator unplugged, this causes mold to grow inside the

Gas Ranges

Most ranges are gas and have an open flame for the pilot light under
the top lid of the range; therefore, objects (paper towels, dish towels,
etc) should be kept away from the top of the range to prevent fires. If
the pilot light goes out it can easily be re-lit by lifting up the lid and
taking a match and holding it above the pilot light until it lights.
you should check to make sure all dials are turned to the off position,
open a window to air out the apartment, and then call the office or if it
is a very strong smell and you think it is a dangerous situation you
should call Peoples Energy emergency number 1-866-556-6002 and
they will come out (usually within an hour) and investigate the
situation at no cost to you.

Hardwood Floors

Residents with hardwood floors should protect them by placing rugs
in high traffic areas and by the sink. Also, residents should dust-mop
the floors often and use a damp mop with a little bit of white vinegar
or cleaning products made specifically for hardwood floors to clean
spills and dirt and then dry with a cloth. Water is very damaging to
hardwood floors. Never wax your hardwood floors.

Balconies and Porches

Overcrowding of Balconies and Porches is unlawful and dangerous.
Balconies and Porches are not intended as areas of congregation by
multiple people, but rather, for ingress and egress only. Grilling on a
wood porch is prohibited.

Resident Referral Policy

Horizon Realty Group offers its residents a $250 rent credit for
anyone referred to us who signs a one year lease. New residents
must list you as the referral source on the apartment application.


It is the responsibility of the resident to contact the electric company
and the gas company to have the service put in your name.
ComEd 800-334-7661
Peoples Energy 866-556-6001


Horizon Realty Group is only responsible for bringing telephone
service to the building as a whole. We do not repair phone jacks
within your apartment; however, most apartments have working
phone jacks left in the unit from previous tenants. A working phone
line in an apartment is the responsibility of the tenant.
AT&T 800-244-4444

Cable TV Providers

Contact your property manager to find out which cable TV provider is
available for your building. Most apartments have existing cable
jacks. If you choose to have cable TV in your apartment this is an
agreement between you and the cable provider. Horizon Realty
Group is not responsible for repairing or maintaining any cable TV
equipment. Horizon Realty Group only allows these companies to
have access to place their equipment in the buildings.

Satellite Dishes

Under no circumstances is a satellite dish to be installed by a tenant
without the express prior written approval of Horizon Realty Group.

Rent Payments

Rent is due on the first of the month. If your payment is received after
the fifth day of the month a late charge will be applied per the City of
Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance ($10 for the first $500 of rent
and 5% for anything over $500). You may mail your rent, pay in
person during office hours, or drop your rent in our night drop slot
(always open) at the main office.

You may pay online at here. 

Or mail / drop off a check here: 
Main Office/Mailing Address:
Horizon Realty Group
1946 West Lawrence Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60640

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests should be completed by a form here.
You can also email a request. There is a 24 hour answering service
(866-344-0721) that will handle emergency maintenance that can not
wait until the next business day. Emergency maintenance is defined
as an overflowing toilet or busted water pipe that is causing damage
to the owner’s property, no heat at all in the unit, etc…. For life
threatening emergencies please call 911. There is a $100 charge for
lock outs during non-business hours, after 5pm and weekends all
day. Payment is to be made in cash directly to the individual opening
the door. If payment is not rendered at time of service, the tenant’s
rental account will be charged $110 to cover the administrative costs
associated with the issuance of a check payment to the service

Renter’s Insurance and Personal Property Damage

In the event that personal property is damaged due to fire, flooding,
water leakage or other casualty, Horizon Realty Group is not
responsible for loss of or damage to your personal property. Horizon
Realty Group strongly recommends that all tenants procure renter’s
insurance to cover such damage to personal property. If you choose
not to procure such insurance, you do so at your own risk. Please
contact your local insurance agent for more information on renter’s

Unforeseen Events

The lease represents a legally binding document during its entire
stated term. The occurrence of an unforeseen tragic event,
including, without limitation, familial death, loss of employment, an
apartment break-in, or otherwise does not give rise to the right to
terminate the lease. Tenant acknowledges that Landlord does,
however, offer the option to sublease or assign the lease or buy-out
the remainder of the term in the event of such an occurrence. For
more information on these options, please ask a property manager or
visit our web site.

Unit Made Ready

Lessee understands and agrees that Lessor has 14 days from date
of Move-In to make the unit ready. Circumstances may arise in the
course of a move –out to move –in that may delay the “make ready”
of a particular unit. Lessee understands this provision and agrees to
allow for management to make the unit acceptable within the allotted
time frame.